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Popham Elementary School earns grant for organic garden
Group of students and staff with check from Whole Kids Foundation

Students at Popham Elementary School will soon have a new opportunity to grow vegetables and learn about healthy eating. The Whole Kids Foundation awarded Popham Elementary School $3000 to develop an organic garden at the school. 

Over the next three years, the school plans to use the garden to educate students about how different types of vegetables grow and how to eat nutritiously using the vegetables from the garden. The school also aims to build a stronger community by involving students and parents with learning opportunities tied to the garden.

Classroom teachers will also facilitate learning around the garden, including measuring plant growth, observing growth patterns and native plants.

“The garden will bring various benefits to our students, including health awareness, developing healthy habits, and social and emotional health,” said Principal Jennifer Spears, “Research has shown that working in the garden relieves stress and provides serenity.”

Popham Elementary also plans to utilize the garden as a unique opportunity for English Language Learners. Newcomers to the country will use the garden to learn about unfamiliar vegetable names and their uses.